Inauguration of the most modern industrial laundry factory in Viet Nam

With a total investment of 3.5 milion Euro, Viet Laundry is the first modern industrial laundry factory in Viet Nam to meet the rapidly growing demand for the high quality laundry such as Tourism, Restaurants, Hotels, Service and other person demand in Viet Nam. Operating in October, 2010, Viet Laundry factory is the first plant in Viet Nam with modern industrial laundry system of the top manufactures equipment for laundries, GIRBAU S.A. (Spain).

With the most modern laundry equipments from Europe and America, including famous brands such as Euromac, Forenta, Jensen, DSG … Viet Laundry factory is currently operating with the capacity of 25tons/day in the first phase. It also equipped Ozone technology, modern wastewater treatment system and energy saving heating system which help to reduce waste emissions and protect environment. Ecotex’s Ozone technology helps pasteurize, remove chemical recidue and reduce more than 30 percent of normal chemicals such as detergent, bleach, fabric softener… that do not affect to the quality of laundry. This help to maintain more than 50 percent of quality fabrics instead traditional laundry and creating fresh fragrance throughout the day.

“At present, Asian countries are developing quite rapidly in this laundry service field while Viet Nam is only in the beginning stage. So, we have invested the Viet Laundry factory with a modern and closed laundry process to ensure perfect quality and provide the most comprehensive commercial laundry service available in Viet Nam. This laundry system is my dream for many years and now it has become a factory that affords to meet the commercial laundry needs of the service industrial in Viet Nam.”, Ex-Chairman of the board of Viet Laundry corporation said.

“Operating in more than 80 countries in the world and strongest in Spain, we are moving to America, Canada and Asia market in general and Viet Nam market in particular, Viet Nam is a potential market , due to the hospitality industry is growing rapidly throughout the years. As our first customer in Viet Nam, Viet Laundry Corporation was the first investor to use the “Dragon” laundry system (tunnel washing machine). This is the third generation of our “Dragon” laundry system and it is the most advanced system of our company, including a completely sealed system from washing – drying – ironing and packaging. Especially, computer control system is installed software by Girbau’s design which uses to set up automatic washing programs that suitable for each type of fabric, from beginning to finishing laundry process. In Southeast Asia, only Thailand and Viet Nam use this laundry process,” said by Merce Girbau, Chairman of the Girbau Group.

As one of the first customer of Viet Laundry Corporation, Mr Sven Von Moock, General Manager of Norfolk Mansion said,” Industrial laundry has long developed around the world, the advantages of this type not only saves management costs, labor costs and the time, but also ensures a stable and improve quality of the laundry service for our guests. This is the reason why we decided to choose Viet Laundry as our laundry service provider instead of traditional laundry facilities as before.”

In addition, Viet Laundry Corporation will offer many opportunities to expand the business for invidituals or households by franchising method, bring attractive profits and create customer satisfaction. Our target is many types of customers who want to experience a professional laundry service with superior quality.