Carpet shampooing

With highly noise reduction, carpet is always an integral feature of every Hotels, Restaurants, and preservation of your carpet new and fresh is a top concern. Therefore, Viet Laundry has introduced Carpet shampooing service with the high bactericidal and quick drying quality.

However, due to its particular features, carpet need different methods of washing and cleaning than conventional laundry methods.

  • With carpet motifs, if not washing properly, it is easy to smudge carpet colors.       
  • With thick carpet, if there is not quickly drying methods after washing, it’s very easy to make carpet smell and rapid increase of bacteria and mildew.
  • Carpet cleaning must be correctly performed methods by antinoise modern equipment and do not affect to surrounding area.

As a professional service provider of carpet cleaning solutions, Viet Laundry always find solutions to these problems with the desire to become one of the best service providers for carpet shampooing in Vietnamese market. Using the shampooing service provided by Viet Laundry, you will be absolutely satisfied with our quality service.

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