Laundry & Dry cleaning

If you are units about Restaurant, Hotel, Spa, Organizations, Company, Business that are concerned about laundry, let us help you.

As a leading company in the commercial laundry, we understand that laundry is not only cleaning the product but also the flatness, porosity and softness of the products. Most importantly, we have to ensure that the quality of our products will continue to be used for a long time, avoiding worn and torn.

To perform this, our company has fully equipped many modern equipment and specialized laundry chemicals imported from the US and Europe. Together with a team of dedicated professional staff, experienced in laundry and dry cleaning, ensure the bactericidal, deodorizing, cleaning and do not affect the quality of products, as well as customer’s health.

Hence, when coming to the laundry and dry cleaning services of Viet Laundry, you can be completely assured about the most comprehensive quality available in Viet Nam. With the conception of quality creating brand, Viet Laundry has become a selected, reliable address for a lot of customers and ensures our customer satisfaction.

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