Sofa shampooing

Sofa is one of the most important furniture for House, Office, Restaurant, Hotel …, not only create pleasant feeling for the user but also bring luxury beauty to architectural space.

Sofa, as well as other items, belonging to time use, will appear spots and stains. These are formed by many factors in the user’s habits. One thing that few people know, Sofa is one of the five environments where bacteria, fungi, parasites most preferred. The formation of sports and stains is an extremely favorable condition for these harmful bacteria to develop. This greatly affects the health of the user and especially the children. In addition, the material of Sofa is a matter of concern because for different types of material such as leather, imitation leather, fabric… will have different processing methods with each type of proper chemicals. Therefore, it should be shampooed and cleaned Sofa regularly, helping users to protect their health and maintaining the beauty of architectural space. However, to properly perform Sofa shampooing procedures required by the manufacturer not only takes a lot of time but also requires the users to invest in equipment and apply specialized chemicals.

Sofa shampooing service of Viet Laundry not only offers to our customers the perfect cleaning and antibacterial solutions but also maintains life of Sofa and is a reliable address when you need to use the sofa shampooing service.

With the conception of stable development, Viet Laundry not only cares about efficiency of cleaning but also pays attention to customer’s health and surrounding environment. Therefore, Viet Laundry always choose the best quality and safety of chemicals in the international market. In addition, to providing our customers with the high quality of Sofa shampooing service, we also provide our customers with useful information in sofa’s care and preservation.

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